Millie Elmer  – Senior Account Manager

I first visited Carole due to an emotional upheaval as well as an intense and sometimes unmanageable lifestyle – I felt overwhelmed.

Carole quickly understood what I wanted to be addressed and got to work. The session itself was relaxing and within days I felt more in control, lighter in my spirit and could think a lot clearer.

Not only is Carole a talented and skilled Kinesiologist but her warm, calm and approachable manner makes the whole experience even more enjoyable – I thoroughly recommend her.

Amanda Brooks – Oxfordshire

I cannot recommend Carole highly enough. I recently needed some support to get through a tumultuous relationship issue and Carole helped my system to become balanced very quickly so that I feel peaceful and trusting again. Thank you so much Carole.

Junior Zoschke – Business Mentor

“Before working with Carole, I was feeling stuck in my work, not knowing what to do or what steps to take….in summary after working with Carole I learned to love myself, got an amazing partner! And business is just blowing! After only 3 months I have 700 new leads, 1500 new likes on my FB page, 10 new paying clients and much more happening down the line!! I cannot thank her enough! Life is good. Thank you Carole!

Fiona McFall – Singer song writer

It’s amazing how you feel after a course of sessions with Carole. You suddenly look back at your life and see that you’d been living in the shadows without realising it. It is a cliche to say it, but, a huge weight has been lifted from me, and it feels fantastic!

Just thought I would to let you know how grateful and pleased I am for all the work you have done for me over the past years. Although words cannot describe enough how much HK (Health Kinesiology) has helped me.

Hannah Clements – Nanny

I first came to see you nearly 7 years ago to try and help me achieve going away on mine, and my partners first holiday together. This may seem silly to others but I had only flown once before at 12 years old and I felt so scared, anxious, uptight and completely out of control. Whenever someone mentioned flying to me I could barely even stay in the same room holding a conversation about a possible trip abroad on a plane. Inside I would feel panicky and to be quite honest with you sick.
After a couple of sessions  with Carole weeks later I decided the temptation of a villa in Spain was too good to miss, so we went ahead and booked flights, and then for the next year too!  The following 3 years we also went to other destinations once even twice a year up until now! I can honestly say HK has changed my life for the good, I feel it is a very subtle but efficient treatment. I will still get nervous about travelling but in a controlled state, almost a numb feeling inside that keeps me going until I’m at my destination!

After such a success for my fear of flying I have also had treatment for general immune system and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If I became run down tired or stressed I would suffer with bad bouts of tonsillitis several times a year for a long period of time. I can proudly say it’s been over 6 years since I last had tonsillitis.

Award winning skin/beauty specialist, Oxford)-  (EH Oxford)

I don’t know what I would do without Carole, she is a miracle worker! She

has helped me work through long seated emotional issues, she has brought clarity, and strength back into my life, we all get a bit lost and can keep repeating old habits.  Carole has helped me break old habits and has helped me regain my true sense of self.  She is a “Must see” !